Territory means, for those who really cares, association.

But it also means sacrifice, listening, understanding, attention and dedication. Corte Adami is following these concepts, built on hard work and effort, already for many years.

This caused interventions in the vineyard which allows preserving more characteristic features of the plant. Traditional farming systems managed with more attention and fertilization limited to its absolutely necessary.

Only in this way this wonderful territory is able to show all its scents, its minerals, its freshness in its wines.

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A generous land, rich rolling hills perched on volcanic or morainic or clayey subsoil.

A district that is certainly one of the most important wine region regarding the fact that it was considered as the first production area of Veneto, delimited in 1931 and approved by Royal Decree in 1936, the first Venetian D.O.C. area (1968 ) and also the ever first D.O.C.G. area in Veneto (with Recioto, 1998).

The area is relatively small, it comes to just over 10,000 hectares in total. The vineyards enrolled as Soave Classico and Soave D.O.C. are almost 6900 hectares, with a presence of over 3,000 wineries, making it one of the areas with the highest density of wine production in the world.

The heart of Corte Adami property is located in a beautiful unique parcel, laying in one the historical Soave areas: CASTELCERINO.

From here, many are the wine expressions obtained. In particoular a vibrant crispy SOAVE DOC and a riserve of emotions, from the vine «VIGNA DELLA CORTE» pure expression of late harvested Garganega grapes, with an extreme minerality, an innate elegance, and with an incredible capacity of aging.

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There is an area where red wines seem to have been there before human learned the secrets of winemaking.

The Valpolicella region seems to support this thesis: the soils, the microclimates, the slopes, the people.

Located between the Adige River and Lessinia, this land has born one of the most important red wines in the world, covering about 45 km, mainly along the foothills of historical municipalities like Marano, Fumane, Negrar, S . Ambrogio, San Pietro in Cariano, to name a few.

But not only the municipalities are recognized, even the valleys, and this is a great thing for this wine area because each valley provides a microclimate environment on its own, with sometimes very different soil characteristics.

So it will be produced different wines, with their own characters. In one word: indigenous.

This has determined, together with the people who live there, the success and fame of Verona’s red wines.

Corte Adami’s vineyards are located in the so-called “extended” D.O.C. zone, which includes, in the eastern part of the area, in addition to Valpantena, the valleys of Marcellise, Mezzane, Illasi and Tramigna.

The vineyards of the Mezzo Monte farm provide to Corte Adami the wonderful grapes for producing three absolutely typical and representative wines of the local wine history: the Valpolicella Superiore, Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone della Valpolicella.

Strong, robust and generous vineyards in their qualitative content, planted in different years between 1962 to 1970.

And, as we know, there’s nothing finer than the wisdom of old age…