Brut Rosè – “Rosa Croina”

Brut Rosè – “Rosa Croina”


Vineyard: our own, located in the municipality of San Martino Buon Albergo on the Mezzomonte estate in the village of Ferrazze.

Orientation: facing south, southwest

Soil: rich clay content with a calcareous base

Grape blend: 100% Corvina (Known as croina in the local dialect)

Dark red, ruby red, vermilion, rosè.
The finest fragrances and aromas come together in this sparkling wine with a modern flavour, by traditional structure. It affords a different interpretation of Veronese grapes, finding a new way to highlight their special features. Made by gentle pressing, short-term contact with peels and affectionate gestures.

Drops of essence, tinged with pink.