Valpolicella DOC

Valpolicella DOC

Vineyards: of property, located in the Eastern Valpolicella 

Exposure: South, South-West 

Soils: rich in clay and limestone skeleton components 

Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and other local varieties 

Description and characteristics: 

The young soul of Valpolicella. This wine embodies all the tradition of the territory of origin. Drinkable, extremely pleasant and highly typical, capable of bringing quality to every moment of conviviality. 

Bright and pale ruby red in colour, with aromas of cherry and red fruits in the nose, enriched in floral and spicy nuances. In the palate it is soft and fresh, fragrant and savoury with never aggressive tannins. Medium-bodied and good persistence. 

Its quality make it a perfect companion for appetizers and pork products (lard, soppressa, bacon), pasta dishes, soups and fish preparation, as well as white meats boiled or grilled. Excellent also with aged cheeses. 

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